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October 01 2011

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Life Lines

I marvel and rejoice at the rich intricacies of Etsuko Fukaya's finely detailed etchings. 
These small worlds are lovingly crafted celebrations of the beauty of nature, 
peopled by an incredible variety of animals, vegetation and lush natural patterns. 
Please click on the pictures to see them enlarged, and take a bit of time 
to discover all the creatures that inhabit them.

Full view and detail of Shofuku, an etching containing 84 animals.

Such incredibly complex imagery is painstakingly achieved by this young Japanese artist:

"I want to draw what is alive" says Fukaya - and for her, this means that capturing every
 hair of an animal's fur, every platelet of a fish's scales, every marking on a flower's 
petals is essential to her pursuit. Thus, she chose etching as her ideal medium, favoring 
its ability to create the most precise linework. Pushing this medium to its limits, 
Fukaya achieves the finest lines. Yet, maintaining that "a magnifying object would be 
an obstacle between herself and her work," Fukaya relentlessly overworks her own 
naked eyes to produce artworks. In imparting such intense energy, her creatures appear
 to sing with an overflowing vivacity." (from Azito online gallery)

As you can see the originals are quite small, around 12 x 12 inches.

In this video interview Fukaya's gallerist Yuko Yamamoto discusses her work process
and inspiration. Where noted, images are copyright to Yamamoto Gendai art gallery.

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 Fly my pretties.

Sick Illusion

Sick illusion

If you pull this into Photoshop, you can check the colors. The “blue’ and “green” are actually the same. In the RGB format, the way we perceive colors is affected by the surrounding colors. If you pull out the other colors and leave only the blue/green, you’ll see what we mean.

Sort of trippy.



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