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March 17 2017

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Luis Barragán at his home in Mexico City (1969)

[Photo by René Burri]

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March 15 2017

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March 13 2017

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Anna Maria - Kuba Egzot
Full Credit List —

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Live Through This VHS edits: Side A

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March 12 2017

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Serge Marshennikov (b. 1971)

i…… these are….. what the hell…….. ??? ….. the talent hurts

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i can’t hang out tomorrow i’m too busy doing nothing alone sorry

Or alternatively “I have a ten minute obligation at some point and I need all day to prepare and recover”

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Samuel Beckett observing cat, dog and parrot. 1964.

Photograph by Steve Schapiro.

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March 11 2017

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Logan alternative movie poster

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