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August 21 2018

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August 19 2018

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August 16 2018

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Billions of Color Changing Particles Create Amorphous Waves in a New Art Film by Maxim Zhestkov 

Volumes is a new 4K experimental art film by artist and director Maxim Zhestkov (previously) which explores the laws of nature through the interactions of billions of spherical particles. As the digitally produced elements collide they transform into a series of brilliant colors, morphing from black and grey orbs to pink, blue, and white balls and back again. The spheres combine to create sweeping waves that disperse and meld back together in large, amorphous forms. You can view more of the director’s projects on Vimeo, Instagram, and Behance.

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Edvard Munch (1863-1944) - The Bite (1914, Etching on cream wove paper, Clarence Buckingham Collection)(197 x 276 mm)
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